do good... better.

Copiri connects members of nonprofits around their shared passions.

We think you deserve more than social media to help your organization thrive... let us show you a better way.


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energize your passion

volunteers don't get excited by an email from the top... they get excited by working together.


this isn't social media... it's a way to make real connections with people who care about the same things you do.

Find your Puzzle

there are people like you everywhere, creating positive change in our world.  let Copiri help you find the place you fit.

Infinite Potential

no matter what kind of passion drives you, Copiri can support your team... whether you're 10 people or 10 million.

Can Copiri Help Me?

  • I want to Contribute
    Find Your Best Home

    Copiri lists thousands of volunteer-driven nonprofits in our app, and we make it easy to find the right one for you.  Finding local meetings and events is a breeze, and you'll be helping your favorite cause in no time.  While you're looking, you can also join the conversation to see if the group is right for you.

  • I'm On a Team
    Up the Energy

    We know it's tough to stay engaged when all of your discussions are buried in the rest of your social media feeds.  Copiri gives you a safe space for communicating with people that share your passions.  Our app is free, and it's easy to get started -- just pick the organization you're a part of (or create it!) and share the app with your friends to get the conversation started.

  • I Lead a Team
    Find your Team's Groove

    If you're looking for a better way to get your team engaged, look no further.  Instead of relying on email threads to get the word out, keep your volunteers in the loop with real-time notifications and focused chats.  Just downlaod the app, pick your organization (or create it in a few easy steps!) and share the app with your team.

  • I Manage an Organization
    Energy is Infectious

    Are you used to treating your organization like a business?  Most member management tools give you a megaphone, when what you really need is a conference call... and your members just feel like they're being talked at.  Let them talk to each other using Copiri's in-app messaging... you'll be surprised what bubbles up.

    Our platform is free for you and your members -- all you need to do is spread the word.


understand what your team cares about

Copiri's platform includes real time collaboration tools like polling and voting... no need for paper ballots or counting results by email.  Send out a poll mid-meeting, and get a response back in real time.  Today's technology can handle it... why shouldn't your group be able to?

or custom

Make it Yours...

Copiri's public app can be personalized for your group, giving you the infrastructure of a huge company without those nasty bills to pay.

...or Make it Yours

if you prefer the look and feel of a private app, Copiri can create a custom solution for you.

copiri creates personalized experiences

stay tuned...

we're working with a few specific organizations now,
and putting the finishing touches on our public platform.
see you soon!